Petit Scale Standard model

Petit Scale Standard model

Petit Scale Standard model

Our standard model weighing instrument (weighing unit). Compatible with a variety of materials and other machines.

Standard model

Standard functions

Touch panel

  • Operation and maintenance can be easily performed in an intuitive way.
  • Measured values, production volume, and statistical information are displayed in real time.
  • 16(up to 32)files of measuring conditions can be set. ※( )is an option

2-step control function

  • High-speed rotation is performed to the target measurement (slowdown weight), and the speed is reduced to the set measurement.

Free fall compensation function

  • There are many cases where measurements fluctuate depending on material lot, working environment, etc., even if the fed material is comparatively uniform.
    Measurement errors caused as above are compensated by this function.
    The petit scale has the function of keeping measurements uniform by performing corrections fully automatically.

Data storage

  • All measurement data is saved in files together with time information in the panel computer.
  • The production record data saved in files can be easily acquired by USB flash drive.

Petit Scale General Specifications


As our most simple and reasonably-priced unit, the standard PSα-10P4 is a popular unit. Ideal for vertical packing machines or single bucket conveyors, it can measure amounts of as little as 0.1 g. It realizes the most efficient work based on pipe diameter and number of pipes.

Model PSα-10P4
Weighing range 0.1~10.0g
*within the range of the measuring bucket capacity
Weighing volume 60cc
Measurement resolution 0.0025g
Minimum weight display 0.1g
Measurement ability 80pack/min(MAX)
** According to work conditions and measuring accuracy
Minimum weight display
Operating temperature range 0~40℃
Operating humidity range 30~60%
Operating power supply AC100/110V 50/60Hz,4A
Weight 75Kg
Size W314×H830×D660

Types and Formats

10g measuring type

PSα-10P4(10g measuring、4 pipe type)
PSα-10P5(10g measuring, 5 pipe type)
PSα-10P6(10g measuring, 6 pipe type)
PSα-10P7(10g measuring, 7 pipe type)
PSα-10P12(10g measuring, 12 pipe type)
Number of pipes is set by desired measurement ability.

30g measuring type

PSα-30P4(30g measuring、4 pipe type)
PSα-30P5(30g measuring、5 pipe type)
PSα-30P6(30g measuring、6 pipe type)
PSα-30P7(30g measuring、7 pipe type)
Number of pipes is set by desired measurement ability.

Other special models

PSα-10P4N(For cut laver 10g measuring, 4 pipe type)
PSα-10P5N(For cut laver 10g measuring, 5 pipe type)
PSα-10P7N(For cut laver 10g measuring, 7 pipe type)
PSα-500P(500g measuring type、5 pipe type)
Special feature units (additive insertion type, 4 mixed type)
(assembled hybrid measurement type)
Number of pipes is set by desired measurement ability.