We believe that “Successful Business is based on its human resources.” We think highly of our workers, and take great pride in any products that our workers make with their whole heart. Aiming to achieve “something special for our customers,” every worker here always thinks about what he or she can do especially for our customers’ benefits and acts on such thoughts.

Plus One Techno Co., Ltd. is a young company established in 1996. Since then, for some ten years so far, we have been developing and providing innovative weighing systems (weighing units) unrivaled in the world, which lead various industries. For example, “Petit Scale,” (Pipe-Feeder-Attached Automatic Weighing System) is one such system. Petit Scale is used in the pharmaceutical industry for measuring quantities of tablets or pills and also in the food industry for weighing ingredients to be added to cup noodles. “Pipe Form” is used in the shipbuilding industry as an innovative system for short pipe measuring & reproduction. This system helps shipbuilders to manufacture pipes very efficiently.

As an integral technical maker across all industries, Plus One Techno Co.,Ltd, proudly works for our customers, always satisfying and amazing them technically. We proudly offer a wide range of service based on the concepts that we cherish: “advanced technology” and “something special for our customers”.
Your further patronage and business assistance toward us will be greatly appreciated.

Founder  Kenji Nohmi
Plus One Techno Co., Ltd.