Privacy Policy

Plus One Techno Co.,Ltd (hereinafter, the “Company”) place the utmost importance on the protection of customer privacy.
Accordingly, we will strictly adhere to the following matters in relation to the handling of customer information.

Personal information

We may ask customers visiting this website for their personal information.
We will primarily ask for personal information that is necessary in order for us to provide our services and to provide information about our services such as your “company/organization name”, “department”, “name of the person in charge”, “address”, “phone number”, “FAX number”, and “e-mail address”, etc. We may also ask for other information in order to improve convenience for customers, etc. In this case, with the exception of some required items, customers may provide information at their own discretion.

Provision of customer information to third parties

We may provide customer information to third parties to the extent necessary depending on the type of service the customer requests through this website.
(Example) Other than in the event we notify a transportation company of names and addresses, etc. in order to ship materials, or in the event we provide information to a research firm for our own research purposes, etc., we will never disclose a customer’s personal information to any third party without that customer’s prior consent.
However, we may disclose customer information without the consent of the customer in the event it is necessary to do so in order to protect human rights and human life, to cooperate with requests based on the laws and regulations made by public institutions such as judicial institutions and the police, etc., or in accordance with laws and regulations, etc.

Management of personal information

We implement strict data management to guard against the loss or damage of personal information provided by customers when using this website. In the event we entrust work related to the operation of our website or other work related to the use and management of customer personal information to a third party, we also strictly manage and supervise the handling of personal information by that contractor.


We may use cookies in order to provide more advanced services.
Cookies are utilized so you can use the content of our website more comfortably the next time you visit; they do not violate your privacy nor have any adverse effect on your computer. You can refuse to accept cookies, etc. in the settings of your Internet browser software. However, if you choose not to accept cookies, you may be unable to use all or parts of our website comfortably.

Updates to our Privacy Policy

We review and update the above Privacy Policy as appropriate.
We will inform you of any updates on this page.

Enquires in relation to our Privacy Policy

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