Pipe Form

PipeForm is a short pipe measurement and reproduction instrument for pipes (flange pipes, etc.) in shipbuilding and other industries.
Ship-building involves laying pipes in all areas of a ship, with some 10,000 pipes being laid in a 30,000 ton class ship.

For connection pipes, which are used to resolve defective piping and safety problems by connecting with the ship block or engines, the methods of fitting and molding are used. With these previously-used methods, piping problems are a common occurrence, and the labor cost incurred due to materials and production increases cost unnecessarily. The transport and use of open flame within a cramped ship interior poses a danger of accidents, and has indeed resulted in past accidents.

PipeForm is a revolutionary measurement instrument (measurement unit) solving these problems by accurately measuring the distance between flanges, flange slope, and flange bolt hole position.

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Short pipe measurement and reproduction: request information about PipeForm here

Advantages in Introduction

Improved quality level

The most difficult aspect of pipe construction is accurately calculating the shape of the pipes when making them, so as to match up with the flange holes. PipeForm uses a system that makes this possible without the presence of an expert. Anyone can use it to make quality pipes.

Cost reduction

Since the process of taking a mold of the ship’s interior is rendered unnecessary, the heavy labor associated with loading and unloading pipes is greatly reduced. As piping problems are eliminated, the time and cost associated with them are also far less.

Safety measures

Because the position between the flanges is simply measured, the welding involved with mold-making and the fire needed for the cutting of fitting becomes unnecessary, raising fire safety. The large reduction in transport work in the ship’s cramped interior also diminishes risk of accidents.

Advantages in Product Quality

  • Measurement allows creation of an accurate pipe drawing
  • Condition reproduction makes an accurate pipe drawing possible
  • Manage data for every pipe

Cost Advantages

  • Able to drastically reduce fabrication time to approximately half the time necessary to install molded pipes.
  • The need is eliminated to replace pipes. (From 5% to 0% No time or components wasted to replace defective pipes).
  • Surface plates unnecessary, making efficient use of work space. (Especially eliminating space required for molds needed to make molded pipes.)
  • No experience required. (Because advanced skills of pipe assembly are not required, even a beginner can accomplish it.)
  • Auxilliary materials and transport are not necessary. (Auxiliary materials such as flange, sleeve and angled pipes unnecessary.

Safety and Environmental Advantages

  • Eliminate hot work such as welding and cutting.
  • Reduce moving of heavy materials.
  • Waste Reduction.


Pipe Form is composed of a short pipe measurement instrument, reproduction instrument and custom software.

Measurement Instrument (Measurement Unit)

It is composed of a measurement instrument (measurement unit), measurement instrument (measurement unit) table, and measurement instrument (measurement unit) controller.
From left: measurement scale, table, and controller.


It is composed of a reproduction instrument and reproduction instrument controller.
From left: Reproduction Instrument and controller.

Custom Software

Custom software includes measuring and reproduction software, match mark software, pipe-making software, and structural pipe software.


Reproduction and measurement instrument

(Dimensions and weight may change without notice.)

Model PF-850A PF-450A PF-250A
Reproduction instrument Reproduction Range 400mm~2000mm 350mm~2000mm 350mm~2000mm
Measurement Range 350mm~2000mm 350mm~2000mm 350mm~2000mm
Measurement Diameters 65A~850A 40A~450A 40A~250A
Reproduction Diameters 65A~850A 40A~450A 40A~250A
Power supply Power supplied from controller
Weight 5000kg 2800kg 800kg
Dimensions 4500L×1970D×1690H 3300L×1055D×1220H 4100L×820D×1070H
Reproduction Instrument
Power supply AC200V 3φ 10A
Weight 150kg
Dimensions 1000L×500D×1300H
Measurement Instrument Power supply Power supplied from controller
Weight 3.5kg
Dimensions 84L×147D×262H
Measurement Controller Power supply Battery DC12V
Weight 5kg
Dimensions 400L×230DX130H

Measurement Instrument Set Plate

(Bolt Length)
340×84×(74) 470×100×(75) 650×100×(75) 785×100×(75) 1100×100×(75)
Weight 2.5kg 3.5kg 4.7kg 5.5kg 6.5kg