Super Scale

Super Scale

Super Scale

Facing Petite Scales towards each other succeeds in increasing discharge chutes. It is a weighing system (weighing unit) that supports high-speed measurement needs.

Product Summary

The works rotate inside the hopper and are sent to the pipe feeder by the impeller, and the pipe feeder output the works into the measurement bucket. The load cell monitors the weight, ceasing output when a pre-set weight is reached.


Advantages of pipe feeder measurement

  1. Low damage to materials
  2. The works inside the feeder are uniform (stable output is possible)
  3. Weight is monitored, so it can be set by the touch panel
  4. Influence of works oil and lot change is minor (because of weight settings)
  5. Works processing section can be desorbed and water-washed with tools.
  6. Space conservation
  7. Includes data management functions (automatic log of plugging weight and time)

Special features of Super Scale

Developed in tandem with Topack Co., Ltd., the Super Scale achieves the formerly difficult task of fitting into a rotary packing machine.

By setting up a pipe feeder on the measurement device a speed of 300 times/minute is maintained, pipe feeder angle automation (the Petit Scale is manual) and cleaning maintenance are improved, and with the sliding main unit, additional features are added.

Installation example

Super Scale
Model PSα-10P10W
(10g type)
(30g type)
Weighing range 10P:0.1g~20.0g 30P:0.1g~40.0g
Weighing volume 10P:60cc 30P:160cc
Measurement resolution 0.0025g
Minimum weight display 0.01g
Operating temperature range 0~40℃
Operating humidity range 30~60%
Operating power supply Single AC200V 50/60Hz 5A
Weight sensor Load cell