Measurement test results

Name of work Model Setting Weight Name of work Model Setting Weight
Green laver α30P 2~8g Shavings of dried bonito
α30P 1~3g
Bits of fried tempura batter α10P 0.5~2g Shavings of dried bonito
α50P 50~80g
Azuki beans α50P 15~120g Powdered soup α10P 8~15g
Dried sea-slug α10P 1~3g Powdered soup α30P 10~30g
Wet crape α500 20~35g Powdered soup α50P 20~70g
Wet crape kombu α50P 80~120g Grated cheese α30P 0.5~1g
Thin fried bean curd α10P 0.4~1.0g Grated cheese α500 100~700g
Plume flake α10P 0.7~3g Powdered miso α10P 6~10g
Krill α10P 2~4g Corn soup powder α10P 12~20g
Rice α50P 30~150g Corn flakes α30P 5~15g
Rice α500 100~200g Corn flakes α500 80~180g
Tea α10P 0.5~5g Salmon flakes α10P 4~9g
Kaki-no-tane α10P 2~10g Salmon flakes α30P 20~35g
Curry powder α500 80~150g Cereals α30P 15~45g
Dried shrimp α10P 0.5~1.5g Shijimi clam α50P 20~50g
Dried shrimp α50P 10~30g Cereals α30P 5~15g
Dried boiled fish paste α10P 0.3~0.8g Dried sakura shrimp α10P 1~3g
Dried cabbage α30P 5~25g Soup stock powder α10P 5~15g
Dried Japanese mustard spinach α30P 3~7g Granular dried tomato α10P 0.5~3g
Dried corn α10P 0.3~0.8g Pepper α10P 0.1~12g
Dried white meat α10P 0.8~2g Dog food α30P 10~20g
Dried white welsh onion α10P 0.3~1g Bathing powder α30P 15~40g
Dried tofu α10P 0.5~3g Bathing powder α500 200~450g
Dried carrot α30P 1~8g Pasta
α30&50P 8~25g
Dried hijiki α30P 10~20g Pasta (fusilli) α10P 4~10g
Dried spinach α10P 0.5~1.5g Pasta (fusilli) α30&50P 8~25g
Dried seaweed α10P 0.5~1.5g Hijiki α50P 20~50g
Herbal medicine α30P 0.5~3g Glutin α10P 0.2~2g
Sakurage α30P 0.2~1.4g Seasoned powder α30P 10~70g
Shredded dried laver α10P 0.3~1g Seasoned powder α50P 30~100g
Shredded dried laver α30P 0.3~1g Bamboo shoots α10&α30P 0.4~1.2g
Cube-shaped croutons α50P 10~20g Vegetables seeds α10P 1~20g
Cat food α30P 10~25g Raisins α10P 0.5~3g
Cookies α50P 10~30g Wontons α50P 3~15個
Black soybeans α50P 15~120g Wontons α50P 8~20g
Shavings of dried bonito
α10P 1~3g