Petit Scale ingredient compatibility

Petit Scale is compatible with various materials

  • Compatible to weigh various materials like powders and seeds.
  • Not only weighing for tablets and pills, also compatible with number measurement.

Work results

Powder (seasoning, soup)、Granule(coffee・tea・seasoning)、Small ingredients etc

Soup powder Sesame and salt Sesame
Soup powder salt with sesame sesame

Lightweight solid materials(Dried vegetables・Dried marine products etc)

Shredded seaweed Drying cabbages Dried bonito Dried seaweed
Shredded dried laver Dried cabbage Dried bonito Dried seaweed

General solid foods(dried vegetables, dried marine product, grains, tablets, capsules, etc. )

Whitebait 파|Leek Almonds Capsules
Young sardines Welsh onion Almonds Capsules

Examples of compatible materials

Dried vegetables(dried peas and dried peppers etc)
Cut vegetables, seasonings such as sugar, seasoned power, shredded dried laver, pasta, teas, healthy foods,soup, coffees, black teas, convenience foods, seeds, pellets, confectionaries, grains,tablets, pills, dried foods,frozen things, foods rich in water and oil,foods requiring subdivision measurement.

Compatibility example of various materials


Bonito powder

Shavings of dried bonito

Shredded dried laver



White meat