Merits of Installation

With Pipe Form, costs for carrying pipes from worksite to factory is unnecessary. Data from the worksite can be sent immediately
to an offsite factory for construction, eliminating costs for cranes and wreckers. This simplifies the operation process,
reduces the length of construction, and ultimately results in cost reduction.
The following is a comparison chart showing operation process, workload, and time between Pipe Form and conventional methods.
This data has been compiled from shipbuilding corporations who have installed Pipe Form.
The chart shows the estimated time required when using 200A~800A diameters.

Merits of Installation

Safety and Environment Merits ・Eliminate hot work such as welding and cutting within the ship
・Reduce moving of heavy materials
・Waste reduction
Details Cutting and welding of angle and flange pipes
Moving angle and flange pipes,
preparing welding/cutting equipment, extraction of molds
・Disposal of molds or molds made in factories (some reused).
Quality Merits ・Stabilize quality of pipes
・Manage data of all pipes produced
Details ・Increase precision of diameters, flange slant angles, and perforations
・Capable of continuously reproducing products of the same quality
Productivity Merits ・Time reduction.
・Auxiliary materials eliminated
・No space required for molds
・No experience required
Details ・Fabrication time is reduced, greatly effecting entire work schedule.
・Remakes are unnecessary, leading to cost reduction.
・Auxiliary materials eliminated, leading to cost reduction.
・No need for surface plates, space-saving.
・Able to continuously produce high-quality products even with novice users
Miscellaneous Merits ・Costs for carrying pipes from worksite to factory is unnecessary. In particular, the cranes or wrecker trucks used for heavy materials become unnecessary.
・Offsite fabrication is possible by sending measurement data.
Gasket pricing, valve placement, and turns can be set manually.

Cost reduction

Assuming that one ship contains a total of 5,000 (4,700 pipes, 300 connecting tubes) pipes,
here we calculate the total reduced cost of all connecting pipes if they were molded pipes.
(Fabrication time via conventional methods estimated at 320 minutes, versus after installation at 140 minutes.)
Categories Merit of molded pipes
Reduction of fabrication time (Assuming reduction of 180 minutes per unit)
300 units ×180 minutes=54,000 minutes 54,000 minutes ÷ 60 minutes=900 hours
900 hours × 5,000Yen/136(Yen/EUR)=33,100 EUR
No Remakes (Assuming there is 5% defective products, subtracting 320 minutes of fabrication time per unit)
300 units × 0.05=15 units、15 units ×320 minutes=4,800 minutes、4,800÷60 minutes=80 hours
80 hours ×5,000 Yen/136(Yen/EUR)=3,000EUR
(Not including material costs for 15 units)
Auxiliary Materials Unnecessary Angle 50×50×6、average 0.4m、10 units 300 units ×10 units×0.4m=1,200m
1,200m×5Kg=6,000Kg       6,000kgx100Yen/kg = 600,000 Yen        600,000Yen/136(Yen/EUR)=4,400EUR
Not including flanges, gas, welding rods, and gasoline for transporting
Cost Reduction Per Ship Approximately 40,500 EUR + α

Example Calculation of Work Time

Mold Making Conventional Methods Post-Installation Fabrication Procedures Conventional Methods Post-Installation
Preparation of flanges and reinforcement materials 30 Measurement

Making molds on surface plates 15 10
Preparation of welding/cutting machines 20 Measuring Dimensions 15
Preparing bolts and nuts 5 Making Blueprints 10
Attaching flanges 15 Cutting 15 15
Welding reinforcement materials 25 Building/Welding 75 50
Removing Molds 10 Cast matching 30 25
Transportation to pipe factory 15 Welding flanges 40 30
Subtotal 120 10 Subtotal 200 130
Total 320 140