Pipe assembly instrument PipeForm

Pipe assembly instrument PipeForm

(Pipe temporary fitter, pipe temporary fitting instrument)
Low cost, high-quality, and allows anyone to simply and accurately obtain the measurements of structural pipes.

Product details

Inputting the data of the pipe diagram of the structural pipe (finished or prefabricated pipe) allows to calculate the position more spatially, supporting making the structural pipe through reproduction.
  1. Calculate the spatial position between flanges from the pipe information of the structural pipe.
  2. Use the reproduction equipment based on the calculation results, reproducing the distance between flanges, flange slope, and flange bolt holes as in the drawing.
  3. Create a pipe without flanges based on the pipe drawing.
  4. After attaching the flanges and loading the pipe, weld the flange and pipe to complete the structural pipe.


  1. Pipe assembly equipment
    ・Main unit
    ※Molded pipe can be made with optional measuring parts.

Main Unit

Flange nominal diameter 40A~250A
Flange pressure 5K 10K

(For 200A, only 5K,10K,16K,20K)
Reproduction pipe length 200mm~3,000mm
Reproduction equipment accuracy
Distance within±0.5
Hole-opening within ±0.5
Axis dimensions (7 axes)
Fixed positioner
pivot elevation
rotation three axes
Mobile positioner
pivot elevation
rotaion movement
Four axes
External measurement 4,100L×820D×1,070H
Weight Approximately 800Kg
Paint Standard color (to be decided jointly)


Manual Fully automatic
Power source
Single-phase 100V±10%
3A 50/60Hz
(Only running is electric)
Three-phase 200V±10%
5A 50/60Hz
External measurement 500W×500D×1,100H 1,000W×500D×1,300H
Paint Standard color (to be decided jointly)


  1. Measuring unit and measuring unit controller
    ※Optional measuring unit can be used to make molded pipes.
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